Mission Needs

Needs of Families & Children Served

If you are able to donate any of the following items, please call us at (323) 755-9702. Or click here to contact a staff member for further assistance. Thank you.

Food for the Body:
NOTE: We need Family size for Family Food Bags or Bulk size for use in Mission dining room.

  • Canned fruits, vegetables, meats, soup, sauces, etc.
  • Canned/bottled drinks such as fruit juice, sodas, energy drinks, etc.
  • Bags of uncooked rice and beans
  • Baby food and canned formula
  • Staples such as cereals, macaroni and cheese, pasta, etc.
  • Snacks such as chips, cookies, etc.
  • Bottled condiments such as pickles, mayonnaise, mustard, and ketchup, peanut butter, jelly, etc.
  • Nutrition bars
    NOTE: Frozen or perishable items must be delivered to the Mission, or arrangements may be made for a pick-up, if volume warrants.

Baby & Children’s Items:

  • Disposable diapers (all sizes) & baby wipes
  • Baby blankets
  • Baby clothing, bibs
  • Baby formula & baby food
  • New Underwear
  • New Jeans
  • New Shirts/Blouses/Tops
  • New Sox
  • New Sweat Shirts (With or without hood)
  • New Jackets
  • Athletic shoes
    NOTE: Clothing sizes from infants through teens

Food for the Soul:

  • Bibles (English & Spanish)

Kitchen Supplies:

  • Gift certificates from Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Costco, etc.
  • Disposable plates, bowls & cups
  • Disposable baby bottles and liners
  • Heavy-duty Plastic forks & spoons
  • Large commercial pots and pans
  • Commercial knives and cooking utensils
  • Plastic trash can liners


  • Towels (for use at Mission and to be given to families)
  • Sheets (all sizes)
  • Blankets (all sizes)
  • Draperies
  • Rugs

Women’s Items:

  • Gift certificates from Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Costco, etc.
  • Jeans, shirts, sweaters, jackets
  • New underwear

Hygiene Supplies:

  • Hygiene kits (toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, mouthwash, disposable razors, shaving cream, nail clippers, body cream and Kleenex)
  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • Hand cream & body lotion
  • Deodorant

Medical Supplies:

  • Bandages and gauze
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Various non-prescription medicines
  • Eye glasses 

Office Equipment and Supplies:

  • Gift certificates from Office Depot, Best Buy, Fry’s, Staples, etc.
  • Computers and required peripheral equip (preferably Windows XP)
  • Color laser printers (Laser or inkjet)
  • Conference tables
  • Computer chairs
  • Conference chairs
  • Shredders
  • Miscellaneous office supplies (printer paper, copy paper, pens and pencils, staplers, pencil sharpeners, office trash cans, etc.)

Furnishings: (For use in Mission building and to distribute to families)

  • Gift certificates from furniture retailers
  • Large commercial free-standing fans
  • New couches, chairs, etc.
  • Folding tables
  • Folding chairs

Large Items:

  • Refrigerated truck with lift
  • Truck fitted with kitchen (to feed people in the streets)
  • Small school buses
  • Passenger vans
  • Automobiles
  • Boats & planes (to be sold & funds used for needy families)